July 15, 2016

Breaking Cats

Hey there family and friends,

Welp, it took 6 months but we are back in our home in Deltona Fl. We just spent a marathon week of painting and cleaning that is just the beginning. 

I am not sure what the renters we had we're doing in here to cause the odor that so far has taken 2 bottles of bleach, 2 1/2 days of scrubbing walls, and really every freaking surface in the house, 10 gallons of ceiling paints, 10 gallons of wall paint, new flooring, threw away every set of blinds on the windows, thinking about replacing the refrigerator and dishwasher all together, but we are out of money at this point, and trying to figure out how to get the soot off the screen porch roof, because yes they really did grill INSIDE THE SCREEN PORCH. 

And yet the smell, although greatly diminished persists.  

I can only conclude that either the 2 unauthorized cats that lived here or the 2 unauthorized roommates who lived here, or the expressly forbidden smoking in the house, as evidenced by the burn holes in the linoleum floors in the bathroom, that will have to be replaced later, has caused the as yet not wholly identifiable said oder.

Scott thinks the 2 cats might have been cooking meth.