March 31, 2009

Site Seeing Last Weekend

My two dates last weekend... The Fish Guy, I love him, and Gort, I love him too.
PS My main squeeze, Wayne, says the lemon gotta go.

March 23, 2009


to an appointment, scheduled to last about 15 minutes and was approximately three miles from the hotel.

The trip there and back took about 2 and half hours, most of which was spent waiting on the two bus transfers needed to complete the journey; in the rain.

Did I mention that while spring may have sprung over the weekend, today was sooo Monday and winter just wanted me to know it’s not done yet?

I still love our Seattle adventure. I just couldn’t help thinking about my fully operational, paid for, insured car, sitting in the driveway of our 3 bedroom, two bath house in Florida, where it was about eighty degrees today, and sunny. Florida is always sunny!

But I ain’t mad, I was just thinking about it is all.

Everybody's Talking About It

Spring has sprung in Renton Wa. While I am not a photographer, here are a couple pics we took this weekend that made me smile.

For some more pics, check out the Picaroon, and Happy Delusions.

March 19, 2009

Dating Lt. Jim Dangle?

On my recent trip home to Ohio, I had a chance to go through some old photos… not sure that was such a good idea.

One time when I was 19 I decided I had eaten enough to last me a while so I stopped. I ate very little, mostly popcorn and Buddig lunch meat, for the next 3 years.

I got skinny, and I got boyfriends, both of which I had never had before. Unless you count the life size poster of Shawn Cassidy I had on my bedroom wall that I kissed nightly before bed. Or you the count the boy I went to the prom with, who was totally my boyfriend in my head but his girlfriend, who was also my girlfriend disagreed.

And no, she was not my girlfriend like she was his girlfriend. I did not even know about that kind of stuff yet, which may have been part of the reason why I did not have a boyfriend.

What I am trying to get to is, that while I looked pretty smoking hot, I was weak from hunger and not as cognitively correct as usual, hence some of my choices when it came to picking boyfriends. Hell, I did not even know yet there would be choices when I picked this one.

The guy wasn’t all bad; he did take me to Key West and buy us matching tee shirts. We were just not a match so I broke up with him. I was so proud of myself for doing it, but as soon as I found out he had another girlfriend, of course I wanted him back.

Thank Gawd he didn’t take me back! What if we had gotten married, god forbid, and then he might never have left Ohio and gone on to star in Reno 911.

At least I think that’s what he did after we broke up.

On the Season Premiere of RENO 911! April 1 at 10:30p/9:30c Did the Reno Deputies survive their horrible taco stand accident? Find out what happened

March 18, 2009


I just returned “home” to Seattle from a little side trip to Ohio where I visited with my family; more on that later.

My usual routine for flying is: 1 pill, 2 jacks, 1 trashy magazine, cough drops, gum, tissues and my lucky traveling necklace. However, I am getting more tolerant of flying and therefore need not be quite as sedated as usual, so this time I added a book.


Kate has written books containing everything you need to know on consignment shops. In Picker she has used her vast knowledge of the industry to pen a mystery built around Wendy Sam, resale store owner, and the murder of her good friend and consigner Ilene.

Set in Sarasota; Kate’s descriptions of the area and the local people give you a feel for the town and old Florida. With our possible move to Seattle looming, the book made me long for Florida and all that we have yet to do there.

But the best part of the book is the characters. Wendy Sam is a strong independent woman, with caring loyal friends and employees, who would be a catch for any man… if she would just let him.

When one of Wendy Sam’s Monday-night girl-bonding clique is found dead, she is compelled to find out why a young agile ex-dancer could inexplicably fall down her own stairs. Ruled an accident by the police, Wendy Sam sets out to prove her friend was killed and why, even if it means breaking the bond with one of the other girls, who may know more than we think.

Our heroine finds the truth despite danger to herself and her heart, which is endanger of being stolen by Tom, the cop who wants to protect her but does not believe that her friend Ilene’s death was murder.

So even if you’re not flying anytime soon, pick up a copy of the PICKER WHO PERISHED, and find out if Ilene was murdered or slipped, and if Wendy Sam finds love. I can't wait for Wendy Sam's next adventure, with her friends by her side.