October 17, 2008

The Chicken Heart That Ate Chicago

Follows is our last class assignment; my adaptation of Jose' Lipshitz's "The Chicken Heart That Ate Chicago".

EXT- A CORN FIELD A year earlier SUMMER– Day

INTO VIEW we see MR CHICKEN. He is RUNNING through the rows of corn as he is being chased by as yet unseen THREE MEN CHASERS.

Mr Chicken: (Looking back over his shoulder as he runs) Oh Cluck!

O.S. (MAN ONE) ; Get him!!!!


We see MRS CHICKEN, looking down the road and checking her watch, which is hung upside down on a chain from her neck so that when she looks down she can read it.

Mrs chicken : (To herself) Where could he be?

CRANE SHOT Mr. Chicken is running through the rows of corn when INTO VIEW comes THREE MEN CHASING HIM. The men break into three directions to corner Mr. Chicken.

man one: Flank him and head him toward the lake

Mr Chicken: (As he runs) Cluck you, you bastards

EXT- Where the Corn Field meets the LAKE- CONTINUOUS
MR Chicken emerges from the corn field and nearly runs into the lake.
CLOSE ON his face as we see he is trying to figure out what to do.

OS (man one): Give it up chicken, your goose is cooked.

Mr. Chicken turns around to look back toward where he just emerged from. REVERSE ANGLE we see man one coming out of the corn field. POV Mr. Chicken as he turns his head to the left and sees man two and to the right and sees man three.

Ext- Medical Research Facility FALL -Day

INTO FRAME WALKS the lab coat man we PAN to follow man till her enters the building.

INT- of the Medical Research Facility

CLOSER ANGLE of lab coat man as he walks down a hallway and enters goes through a door.
INT-room of same building

The room is set up as an ORDINARY LIVING ROOM EXCEPT IT HAS ONE GLASS WALL. We see MR CHICKEN AND MRS. CHICKEN snuggling on a couch.

Mrs chicken: I hope you’re just glad to see me

Mr chicken: I wish that was it, but it’s my heart…it’s getting even bigger.

Mrs chicken: They have got to help you!!!

Mr chicken:They’re making it happen. (Getting angry) They’re dammed experiments to see if they can make chicken taste like Chicago style pizza, or a Wriggly field hot dog…

Mrs chicken:(Becoming hysterical) We’ve got to get out of here!!!

Mr chicken: (Resolved) The only way I’m getting out of here is if my heart bursts out of my chest and goes in search of burger.

Mrs. Chicken is weeping and Mr. Chicken’s beak is trembling.

Mr chicken: I am just so sorry I let them catch you…

Mrs chicken: If they hadn’t caught me I would have come here myself to be with you!

CLOSE ON Mr. Chicken

Mr chicken:(Clucking softly, tearing up and hiding his face) I don’t deserve you…

OS (Mrs chicken): You’re about to get laid.

PAN OUT to show both of them. Mrs. Chicken is rubbing her stomach with her arm-ish wings.

Mrs chicken: I think the egg is coming.


We see Mr Chicken pacing nervously, (head bobbing like a chicken) and Lab Coat man attending to Mrs. Chicken. Mrs. Chicken in on a table with her legs in stirrups. There is a nest on the floor under her legs. There is an air of tension.

lab coat man: Don’t push too hard you’ll crack it.

Mrs chicken:(Straining) AWWWWWW

Mr chicken: (Panicky) Help her!!!

CUT TO CLOSE ON Lab Coat man’s face

lab coat man:(Sweating) It’s coming!

CUT TO CLOSE ON Mrs. Chicken

Mrs chicken:(In pain, to husband) This is all your fault!


Mr chicken: (Looking guilty) But you shook your tail feathers in my face, I thought this is what you wanted!

OS (Mrs Chicken): AWWWWWW


INTO VIEW all three characters and there is an egg in the basket.

INT-the Living Room from before, days later-Day.

We see the Chickens on the couch. There is a NEST LOOKING BASSINET in the corner, with an EGG in it.

Mr chicken: (Proudly) That's a fine looking egg Mrs.

Mr Chicken peaks Mrs. Chicken’s cheek as she pretends to push him away.

Mrs chicken: (Feigning irritable) Do you mind? I’d like to get this one out of the egg before we start on another one.

Mr chicken: (Continuing to peck her cheek) But I think I could give you a double yoke this time!

The peck and hug. SFX OS: CRACK. The chickens get up and head for the egg in the basinest.

Mrs chicken: I hope it’s a hen

Mr chicken: A rooster would be nice too.

CLOSE ON the chicken’s happy faces and their expressions turn from joy to horror.

Mrs chicken: My chick, my chick, what has happen to my chick.

Mr chicken: What did they do!!!

REVERSE ANGEL as we see emerging from the cracked egg, neither hen nor rooster but a thumping baby chicken heart.

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