April 1, 2011

Drag Queen?

I bought new shoes for our trip to L.A. They have heels. It’s been a while since I wore heels… Like never.

I am not exactly a foo foo chick. It’s not like I wouldn’t wear heels if they didn’t hurt, mutilate my toes and require to me to buff the crusty stuff off my feet, but they do.

I mean, I do have a bit of a foo foo side. I like to wear full face when I go out in public, especially when I am with Wayne. I will sneak off to Publix nekked faced and wearing a head band, but only when he’s at work. If we’re going together I definitely make sure I look way better than little Miss WouldYouLikeToTryASliceSir in the deli department. Or Mrs. OverFortyAndMyHusbandIsDeadLeftMeOrJustFlippingIgnorsMe in the pharmacy, who can’t wait to fill his order.

So yeah, I like makeup and hairdos, love hair dye, false eye lashes on the holidays and anything that is shiny, I just don’t wear heels. They do make me feel pretty, for a minute, if I’m sitting, but as soon as I get up to walk somewhere, I look like a newbie drag queen with a gimpy knee. And nobody wants to see that... do they?

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