March 7, 2012

Hookers in Sensible Shoes

Last week Orlando hosted the NBA All Star game. Based on what I saw parading through the street parties and bars of downtown, it looked more like the NHA (National Hookers Association) All Star convention was in town.

I am not judging… well, yes, yes I am.  I haven’t seen that many titty tops since I quit working in business offices. And I have never seen that many ass cheeks peeking out the bottom of skirts that looked like they were left in the dryer too long.
Not that I was in the market, but if I were, how the heck could you tell the hookers from the amateurs?

The shoes maybe?
I mean if I had to make a living walking the streets, I wouldn’t do it in the leopard print, retarded Frankenstein shoes with platforms higher than an off shore rig that I saw these girls trying to navigate the cobblestones with.  

So that must be it; the girl next door looks like a lady of the night, and the hookers look like school girls, right down to their patent leather Mary Janes.

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