November 7, 2013

Alameda Writers Group 100 words

Each month my writers group, AWG gives us photo and requires we re-gift them with a 100 story inspired by the photo. My entry this month:

“It was a flying dream doc, what does that mean?” She said from the comfort of her psychiatrist’s couch. 

He puffed a requisite pipe, pondering while the fifty-minute hour ticked away. “You’ve had flying dreams before?”

“Yes frequently.”

Puff puff, tick tock… “How do they make you feel, free, in control?

She scowled impatiently, “No not at all!”

“I see,” he interrupted, “so you were frighten and confused, perhaps fleeing the bad memoires of your childhood?”

She sat up and grabbed her bag, “It made me feel like if I weren’t always running late I might get a better seat.”

 This month they also wanted a logline for the photo.

A mentally unstable girl must fight for her sanity when she is tormented by dreams of flying and a disinterested psychiatrist hinders her recovery thereby pushing her past reality and into a world where she can never escape an unending plane trip on which she is the only passenger and is tormented by a evil voice from the cockpit. 

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