December 11, 2008

Even In Death They Torture Me.

The Frogs! Again! This time he was dead, but grosser than he had ever been alive. My lemon tree needed a drink badly. I hooked the sprinkler to the hose, aimed it at the tree and turned the water on full blast.


I inspected the end of the sprinkler where the water is supposed to come out. No water just some gelatinous veiny goo and trickles of blood. I am going to barf thinking about it.

Wayne had to dissemble the sprinkler and pull bits of frog out with a needle nose pliers. I guess the frog had crawled in the end of the hose as some point looking for water. It has been very dry lately hence the watering of the lemon tree.This happened over a week ago, and I am not over it yet.

I wonder what was the last thing to go through that frogs mind?

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