November 21, 2009

A Christmas Scene

Last year Wayne entered the following in a scene writting contest. Contestants were to write a one page scence containing the words: Blizzard, Eggnog and Maui.

He used two characters that he had helped me create for a sitcom I had previously written. They are two characters that are very close to our hearts and so he chose to use them in a new setting. I loved it and still do.

We have just finished watching Love Actually which reminded me of the scene so I wanted to share it again this year. I hope you enjoy it too. Merry Christmas


LOGAN is calmly watching the blizzard outside as he talks on
the cell phone with EMMA, his fiancée.

LOGAN: Emma! Please don't cry!


EMMA is sipping a frothy egg-nog. As she sets it down, the
bartender adds another spash of 151 rum.

EMMA: (choking back the tears) But I'm soaking up the sun in Maui
and I need you here for Christmas!


As Emma sobs, Logan watches a jet slide on the icy tarmac and
gently strike the jet at his gate.

LOGAN: Honey, I'm going to the bar. This looks like it might take awhile.

EMMA: I hear that "let's stay calm while I process this information" tone in
your voice!

Logan turns toward the Big Bamboo Lounge across from the
gate. Lights are strung along the faux thatched roof and a
large beach mural covers the back wall.

LOGAN: I'll call you back!

Logan closes his cell phone as Emma's barely heard "I love
you!" fades away. As Logan sits at the bar and orders his eggnog
with a 151 floater, he re-dials Emma.

EMMA: Logan! Merry Christmas baby!

She pick up her egg-nog as Logan replies.

LOGAN: (sipping)Merry Christmas Emma!

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