December 8, 2010

Cat Piss Coffee and Fish Burps

Since I am now way north of 40 and all my points have gone south, I am now doing things such as taking fish oil capsules for my health. I eat oatmeal every morning and only one cup of coffee. Too bad it tastes like cat piss.

But let’s start with the fish oil capsules. They make you burp. Now mix that with oatmeal. That is a taste you don’t want to have to live through twice. I think I’d rather have the heart attack.

At the warehouse club we bought a bag of Costa Rican coffee that is as big as your head for like ten bucks, but it tastes like caffeinated cat piss. Apparently you can buy cat shit coffee, and somehow I am pretty sure that would be better than this stuff.

So this morning I am dealing with oatmeal/ fish oil burps, cat piss coffee after taste, and flap jack tits. Wonder what’s for lunch?

And Wayne wants to complain about hot chocolate chili burps… please!

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