December 12, 2010

Too Much Money?

Can you have too much money? And does it make you stupid?

We went for a stroll on Park Avenue in Winter Park, central Florida’s tres' posh neighborhood, just to see the latest in what we can't afford.

People parade the shop and bistro lined street in their finest couture and shod in the hippest of boots. Not hip boots like waders, just hip boots, like leather and zippers and heels.

No lie, I saw a woman, or something that used to be a woman, pushing two dogs that probably cost more than my car, in a stroller. Dogs in a stroller! If I were her I would want to be pushed in a stroller because I would not want my nine zillion dollar boots touching the ground where dogs, when not in strollers, do what bears do in the woods.

But if I had all the money, my boots would probably be waders so I could fish in the same river where our lab would dive for sticks. Well, maybe if I had all the money, and it had indeed caused stupidity, I would hire another dog to get the stick for him.

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