January 25, 2011

Does This Car Make My Butt Look Big

Last week was busy and interesting. My mom is still visiting from Ohio and I am volunteering at SAK Comedy Lab at least once a week. I love it there. It is so fun to be around creative, funny, young, people. Last week another event was happening simultaneously to the SAK show, right outside the window.

During the 3rd Thursday Gallery Crawl, Mark Baratelli of The Daily City, Orlando Weekly’s Blog of the year in 2010, created and hosted CarVersations. For the meager donation of $1 one could get in a car with renowned performance artist Brian Feldman and talk. For 5 minutes you had his full attention and were free to talk about anything you wanted… or not.

The mouthwash was provided, I thought I was ok, but I cracked the window just in case. I decided to talk about me because that is the one subject I am truly articulate in. I asked for advice and he gave it. The last time I paid someone to listen to me and then asked it advice, it cost a lot more that $1 and they were wrong anyway.

CarVersations is a great idea, and I can’t wait to see who I can get in the car with next month. Suggestion to Mark: Get a station wagon, the Caviler made me look fat.

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