February 14, 2011


Our first one was spent in Tucson Arizona, on our third date; the one that sealed the deal.

The second was spent in our first apartment together. We were still new, ironing out some kinks, but we had a 30 year agreement with rights of first refusal after that contract ran out.

Our third Valentine’s Day together was spent in our second apartment; I got a heart shaped ring in a heart shaped box and my heart had forgotten what it was like to be alone.

Our fourth and every one since has been spent in our house. Where better to spend the day of love but in the home you love with the one you love?

By the fifth year we were engaged, honestly I can’t even remember what he got me that year. I was in a diamond haze, and dress shopping frenzy. Want to gain weight? Start dieting for your wedding day, that’ll do it.

Year six and we were Mr. and Mrs. till death do us part. Guess that overruled the 30 year agreement, but I still made him promise that if he ever changed his mind he’d let me know first.

Seven Valentine’s Days and no itch, save for more of the same.

Eight cards, some hand-made, some store bought, all expressions of true love, true friendship and a true partnership built on putting each other first.

Today is our ninth Valentine’s Day, and I don’t want another ring, definitely don’t want candy, still would like a card, but most of all the best Valentine he gives me is every day around five when he comes home, or is waiting when I get home. That’s better than all the chocolate in the world.

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