February 22, 2011

Reading The Movies

The Oscars are this Sunday, yeah I love that stuff. This year I am hoping to see more tiaras on the red carpet. What? Am I the only woman that doesn’t have a toddler in a beauty pageant that loves tiaras?

My goal is to read all the screenplays that have been given the nod, so that on the big night I can cheer for my favorite to go home with a naked golden man. But it is difficult to know which version of the screenplay I am reading when I find them on line. I am most interested in spec scripts, as that is what I write, but also love to read any revision or shooting scripts I can find. The problem is sometimes what you get is just a transcript of what is happening on screen. That’s no fun, if I want to see the movie, I’ll see the movie. I want to read the movie.

So far I have read:

The King’s Speech’ reading it made me want to see it so it’s in the running for my vote.

The Kids Are Alright; good stuff, I cared about the characters, was surprised by some events and wanted to see the movie, but not as much, so maybe I got hold of shooting script because it laid out all that would happen visually.

I didn’t try to find Inception because I saw the movie twice, but I read an interview with the writer and that was interesting.

I found Another Year, but am certain what I was reading was a transcript because it was dry and didn’t hold my interest.

I am still reading the fighter, I don’t know which version it is but the story has me hooked so there you go. Plus I am a Marky Mark fan, what can I say.

For best picture I have seen, The Kids Are Alright, Inception, Winter Bone and Social Network. (I am also a Timberlake fan, but I draw the line at Bieber.)

Sunday night you’ll find me on the couch with a big bowl of popcorn, wearing my big pants and a tiara and wishing I was in Hollywood. Good luck to all the writers, just getting to typing fade out is an accomplishment and should be rewarded with a golden man every time. Hint hint my hubbie! You didn’t think I bought you that gold lame speedo for the beach did you?

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