May 1, 2011

Yes I Watched the Wedding, and Yes I Wore a Tiara

And yes, I know how silly that is, but so what, it was fun.

I got up at four in the morning, put on the tiara from my bridal shower, made tea, no crumpets because I don’t know what they are, and tuned in for six hours of pretty people in amazing clothes with fairy tale horses and some of the assed upped-est hats I’ve ever seen.

Why would I watch something as inconsequential as a royal wedding when there was tornado devastation in the mid-west, unemployment everywhere, $4.50 gas and suffering people all over the world. Because duh, there is devastation, unemployment and suffering all over the world and my heart and brain can only take so much before I need some escape time.

I made my donations to the Red Cross, said my prayers, did my job hunting, skipped the day trip to the beach and watched fancy people in hundred year old horse drawn carriages and a thousand year old church do it up limey style.

Hopefully by the time Harry ties the knot, the world will be in a little better shape and I can skip the frivolity… But I might watch anyway; after all Harry is a cheeky little bugger who is kind of cuter than Wils. Should be a jolly good show.

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