July 24, 2011

Cat Man

Ladies, you are never going to get a man that looks like this if you have cats, because guys think you're crazy. Wayne has a friend that has a theory regarding women and cats, and I have relatives that prove it.

It states: three is the tipping number. His crazy meter shows that anything over three cats is a short jump to thirteen. Three cats and she might still be OK, but once she gets the fourth one it's on. Cats on the kitchen counters, crocheted kitty boots and gourmet cat food is the next stop on the cat town express, final destination cuckoo-ville.

Quick aside: Have you noticed that some of the gourmet cat food looks better than some of the Chinese food from the joint on any city corner, that is probably made out of cats? Just a thought.

Now, below is another bit of evidence on the cat crazies. When I see a hot guy with a sixer, (which I would never notice unless Wayne had never been born, see previous post on that matter here) this is not the kind of pussy I'd want to see him holding.

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