November 17, 2015


What do a bunch of HOGs and a Nun have in common? They both like to do nice things for people. And on Sunday November 8th after the Golden State Hogs Chapter meeting the two got together and there was so much nice going on I think a couple bikers decided to convert and the Nun was shopping chaps and tattoos.     

I know I was moved by the event, The Habit on the Highway ride, or as I like to call it,THE NUN RUN.    Her sweet face warmed my heart and soul... And that was just the chick driving the bike with the side car that the Sister rode in. Shaking hands with Sister Thomas and giving her a rosary that Scott and I got at a mission in Arizona on our third date almost made me cry.  But I didn't want to make a scene.  The last time I cried around that many tough guys was when I wore flip flops to the gun range and I learned the hard way how hot falling nine millimeter shells are.    Note to self: Don't cry in front of the range master, it makes him very nervous.

Seeing first hand an 89 year old nun complete her bucket list by riding on a motorcycle and being a member of the group that made it happen felt like a million bucks. Scott and I are new to this club and in just a few shorts months we've seen fund-raising for very worthy causes and made new friends that I'm sure will be around a long time. I am so glad Scott bought a Harley... The chapter meetings for the Cali Kia Soul Owners (AKA The Gerbils) are so boring!!!

Be proud of yourselves Golden State, you really are the greatest chapter in Hog.  

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