March 27, 2008

Eat ster

How many of you still have left overs from Easter?

Pitch em. Don't feed them to your kids, (who'll be fat later), don't feed them to your husband, (who'll be fat sooner than later), PITCH THEM!!!!

I know, you can't throw away the last of the ham, you want to boil the bone with some beans for a nice CHOLESTEROL laden, fat fest.

Throw away the green bean casserole, and the cheezy potatos, you must think I am a tyrant.

You're portioning out your Easter chocolate, a little here a little there. Yeah, and I believe in the Easter Bunny too.

Point is folks, you should have pitched this stuff Monday, better yet, not had it on Sunday, but I know how that goes.

It's not wasted to throw it away!!!! You enjoyed it, it was nice, now move on. Food eaten just to use it up is just as wasted as if you had thrown it away. Storing the left overs in your ass pantry, now that's a waste.

Start teaching yourself and everyone around you, that holidays aren't about the food, they're about family and friends. (And don't substitute wine for food, unless, of course, your mother in-law is coming over.)


Under no circumstances should you eat a 5 day old deviled egg.

OMG you will get serious gastrointestinal discomfort and for your mate, an olfactory offence of Biblical proportions. (This is all theory of course, but for God's sake, throw out the left overs.)

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