March 1, 2008


My comic book based on the Nursery Rhyme "Little Miss Muffet"

“Detective Missy Muffet”

Pg. 1 (6 panels)
Panel 1: In a MEDIUM SHOT we see a silhouette of a girl with pig tails eating from a bowl with a spoon; she is in a room decorated in the manner of a tween girl, and is sitting on a cushion on the floor in front of a TV.
Caption: Little Ms. Muffet sat on her tuffet eating her curds and……
Panel 2: Close up of Ms. M’s face, we see that she is older than we thought she has an eyebrow up and is aware of her surroundings.
Caption: WAITING!!!
Panel 3: LONG MEDIUM SHOT; we see Ms M in the foreground with her back to the door. Peeking around the door frame from the hall we see an abnormally large spider surveying the room before he enters.
Caption: Along came a spider…
Panel 4: CLOSE MEDIUM SHOT Ms M is in mid bite of her food, yet her eyes are to the left as the spider takes a seat next to her.
Caption: and sat down beside her.
Panel 5: (THREE FINGER PANEL) Ms. M whacks the spider with her spoon. The spider attempts to strike back. Ms. M overcomes the spider
Panel 6: (LARGE PANEL) MEDIUM SHOT Detective Missy Muffet has one knee in the spider’s back. We see that the spider now has four sets of hand cuffs on his legs. Ms. M is holding on to him with one hand while the other hands holds her little girl outfit and wig that she has torn off. Ms M is now revealed to be a woman built like a brick house, packing heat and a police badge.
Missy Muffet: Did you think you would frighten me away?

Pg. 2 (7 panels)
Panel 1: ESTABLISHG SHOT; a police station in a dingy part of town.
Caption: Later that same day
Panel 2: MEDIUM SHOT, HIGH ANGLE. We see Det. Muffet in an interrogation room with the spider. She is standing so that we can not see her back; he is sitting at a table.
Missy Muffet: I got all day spider
Spider: I got a right to a phone call
Panel 3: CLOSE MEDIUM SHOT. Det M. is now is the spiders face.
Missy Muffet: You got the right for me to rip off 2 or 3 of your legs and beat the eggs out of you with them!
Panel 4: Torso of the spider sitting at the table, he is shaken and scared.
Spider: If I give you what you want they’ll do a lot worse to me than that.
Panel 5: LONG MEDIUM SHOT; we see the Detective from behind as she is leaning on the table speaking to the spider. She has a great ass and can of raid tucked in her waist band.
Missy Muffet: You’ll give me what I want or you’ll do life.
Panel 6: MEDIUM SHOT. We see the back of Missy’s head and one shoulder as we look over it to the spider across the table.
Spider: I wouldn’t last a day in the joint; let alone life. They would kill me before I could say uncle.
Panel 7: LOW ANGLE. Missy stands with her hands on her hips.
Missy Muffet: It’s like this spider, you can help me and I will protect you. Or you can keep jerkin me, and I’ll let the word out that you helped me.

Pg. 3 (5 panels)
Panel 1: CLOSE UP on the Spider. The spider is starting to sweat and look sick.
Spider: You’re supposed to be the good guy.
Panel 2: MEDIUM SHOT SIDE VIEW. We see Missy and the spider. The spider is beginning to quake and Missy is reaching for an alarm button on the table.
SFX: CRACKLE CRUCNH coming from the spider
Panel 3: CLOSE MEDIUM SHOT. We see the spider’s side cracking open. We can see only Missy’s hand still on the alarm button.
WORD BALLOON: Get in here now!!!!
Panel 4: (Large Panel) Long Medium shot; we see Missy and other cops surrounding the spider, guns drawn and pointed at him. The spider continues to quake and his face is contorted.
ONE OF THE COPS: What the…
Panel 5: MEDIUM CLOSE HIGH ANGLE. We see the backs of the cops in silhouette, and full on of the spider. A human arm has emerged from the spider’s side complete with a cigarette.
Spider: Anyone got a light?

Pg. 4 (7 panels)
Panel 1: MEDIUM SHOT PANORAMIC. The cops are shocked but are standing down. Missy had produced a lighter.
Panel 2: MEDIUM SHOT. Missy is leaning over the table to light the spider’s smoke.
Missy Muffet: If you got anything else that’s gonna pop out you better say so now!
Panel 3: TORSO SHOT LOW ANGLE FROM THE SIDE. Spider has taken a puff off his smoke using his human arm, and speaks through a smoky exhale.
Spider: Don’t tell me you thought this was just about stealing little girls lunches?
Panel 4: LONG MEDIUM SHOT Missy has smacked the smoke from spider’s hand and it is flying through the air. The other cops have redrawn their weapons in a precautionary stance, as spider has stiffened from the insult.
Missy Muffet: You’re gonna tell me who you’re working for…
Panel 5: CLOSE MEDIUM SHOT OVERHEAD; we see Missy and the spider as she is coming around to his side of the table grabbing the can from her waist band.
Missy Muffet: You’re gonna tell me what they want with the little girls.
Panel 6: CLOSE UP (LARGE PANEL) Missy is face to face, eye to eye with the nervous spider.
Missy Muffet: Boys leave us alone a minute will ya?
SFX: Slam from the door
Missy Muffet new bubble: And you’re gonna tell me where my little sister is!!!
Panel 7: EXTREME CLOSE UP of a frightened, sweating and shaking spider, his eyes bulging with alarm.
Spider: She was your sister?

Pg. 5 (6 panels)
Panel 1: (SMALL PANEL) MEDIUM SHOT showing the spider beat up and passed out in a holding cell.
Caption: With a little help from Raid, the spider became a rat.
Panel 2: (LARGE PANEL) ESTABLISHING SHOT BIRDSEYE, IT IS NIGHT; Missy is outside of a run down warehouse in a really bad part of town. We see her on the roof of a neighboring building with binoculars and speaking into a walky talky.
Miss Muffet: Don’t come in till I call ya. And for Christ’s sake don’t shoot me this time.
BALLOON BUBBLE FROM WALKY TALKY: Roger that Det. Muffet; Team A stand down till signal, Team B try not to shoot the detective again.
Panel 6: LONG MEDIUM SHOT; Missy is in the foreground, facing us with her back to the wall beside a door. Missy’s hand is holding a mirror or something so she can see in the room. We can see through the door into the room where there are a large ugly Mobster and Crazy Doctor/Scientist, who are conversing over a desk. INSET: We see what Missy sees in the mirror; 2 or 3 thugs in the back of the room.
Pg. 6 (6 panels)
Panel 1: (BLEED PANEL SMALL) TORSO SHOT BIRDSEYE; we see Missy holding a small control panel her finger about to hit button number 1.
Panel 2: (BLEED PANEL LARGE) LONG MEDIUM SHOT FROM INT. OF MOBSTER’S OFFICE SFX: FROM OUT OF SHOT OF AN EXPLOSION. The thugs in the back of the room are scrambling to go out the door back by them and toward the noise. The Doctor looks scared the Mobster is unfazed.
Panel 3: MEDIUM SHOT; the mobster, on the left, has put his feet up on the desk, the Doctor, on the right, is standing watching the door the thugs went out through.
Mobster: Sit down Doc. The boys will take care of whatever that was.
Doctor: Or whoever?
Panel 4: (LARGE PANEL) MEDIUM SHOT; we see Missy from the back with a ¾ turn to the side so we can see her hands on the control panel. She has stepped into the room. In the background we see the stunned Doc and now half standing Mobster.
Missy Muffet: He’s right Doc sit down! I’ll take care of the whatever.
Panel 5: CLOSE UP the only thing in the panel is SFX explosion sound.
Panel 6: LONG MEDIUM SHOT LOW ANGLE; we see a pile of rubble blocking the door the thugs went out of. The Mobster and Doc are looking at Missy with fear. Missy is closing the door she came in through.
Missy Muffet: And I’m the whoever!!!

Pg. 7 (7 panels)
Panel 1: (LARGE HORIZONTAL SPLIT PANEL UPPER HALF) CLOSE MEDIUM SHOT BIRDSEYE; we see the mobster getting into desk drawer and pulling out a gun.
Panel 1: (LOWER HALF PANEL THREE FINGERS) we seeing Missy ducking, rolling, and landing on one knee with her gun in her hand.
SFX from gun: Bang
Panel 2: (SMALL PANEL) CLOSE UP the mobster’s hand. The gun and a finger or 2 have been shot away.
Panel 3: (MEDIUM PANEL) MEDIUM SHOT from the side, Missy on the right, is standing, still pointing her gun at the two bad guys, who we see on the left. The mobster is holding his hand the Doc is holding both sides of his own head, in a shocked gesture.
Missy Muffet: Fix him up Doc and don’t make me shot you too.
Panel 4: (SMALL PANEL) TORSO SHOT; we see the Doc’s hands on the mobster’s wounded hand.
Doc: He’s bleeding pretty bad.
Panel 5: (SMALL PANEL) FULL FIGURE of Missy, standing by a first aid box on the wall, gun drawn and tossing a first aid kit to the Doc.
Missy Muffet: Doc, if he don’t live long enough to tell me what I want to know, I will have to get the information from you! Wanna pick what I shoot off?
Panel 6: (MEDUIM PANEL) LONG MEDIUM SHOT BIRDSEYE, The doc has the first aid kit open on the desk and is working on the mobster’s hand. Missy is standing guard over them from a few feet away.
WORD BALLON coming from behind door rubble: Boss? Are you ok? We can’t get in.
Mobster: You ain’t got enough bombs for all my guys.
Panel 7: TORSO SHOT of Missy, Her gun toward the Doc and Mobster, her head looking toward where the voices came from. She is all brass but still shows a little concern.

Pg. 8 (8 panels)
Panel 1: (SMALL PANEL) Close on Missy hand over the control panel.
Panel 2: (FOUR FINGER PANEL) Each finger of the panel shows only an SFX.
SFX: Boom, Caboom, Explosion Noise word here, another Explosion noise here.
Panel 3: Medium shot, there is now rubble blocking the door Missy came in through, the Mobster and the Scientist looked shocked.
Missy Muffet: That ought to buy me enough time to get what I want, and if you give it to me quick enough I’ll leave without blowing this room up too!
Panel 4: Missy has shoved the Doc out of the way and is sitting on the Mobster’s hand.
Mobster: Awww! Your gonna pay for this!
Missy Muffet: Bill Me!
Panel 5: (LARGE PANEL) Missy has bounced on the hand and is smacking the Mobster’s face with gun butt, she rubs her tummy with the other hand. The Doc is cowering in the corner.
Missy Muffet: I ate your little spider, and he wiggled and giggled and tickled in side here!
Missy Muffet: (2nd word bubble) But I don’t eat swine, so I guess I’ll have to feed you to the Doc; bit by bit till one of you talks.
Panel 6: Missy is standing, she has holstered her gun and drawn out a sharp knife and a fork; the mobster is holding his hand the Doc is about to barf.
Missy Muffet: How bout some pig’s knuckles to start.
Panel 7: Medium shot, Birdseye, the Mobster pushing his chair in retreat, the Doc is on his knees, and Missy is leaning in as if she is about to strike.
Mobster: Ok, ok, I’ll talk
Doc: He made me do it.
Panel 8: Close medium shot on Missy’s head, she is facing word balloon bubbles from coming from a distance.
Word balloon: Boss? Don’t worry boss we’ll have you out by morning.
Missy Muffet: None of us will still be here by morning, unless you start talking!

Pg. 9 (7 panels)
Panel 1: Over head shot, Missy is sitting on the desk, the Mobster has backed his chair all the way up against the wall and the Doc kneels beside him.
Missy Muffet: Now tell me why you are snatching little girls while they eat lunch!
Panel 2: CLOSE MEDIUM on the mobster who is smug.
Mobster: Who better than spiders to climb walls and go in open windows?
Panel 3: LOW ANGLE; Missy has gotten up from the desk and has the Mobster’s hand in her hand and has pinned it on the desk. She has the knife in her other hand and is hovering over his pinned hand. Mobster is not smug now and Missy is tired of his crab.
Missy Muffet: I didn’t ask about your scum bag spider, keeping wasting time and I am gonna keep wasting fingers.
Panel 4: Medium shot; we see the Doc signaling for Missy to stop and she has the knife very close to the Mobster’s fingers.
Doc: No, no not that spider, the little girl spiders. It’s my own invention!
Missy Muffet: Keep going.
Panel 5: (LARGE PANEL) Medium shot, we can see all three, Missy has backed off the fingers with the knife and is waiting to hear more.
Mobster: Who better to climb walls than spiders and who better to get away with stealin than little girls?
Doc: I inject them with spider DNA that allows them to grow tentacles, which in turn allows them to climb walls.
Panel 6: TORSO SHOT of Mobster he is reaching in his pocket; he is grinning and pleased with himself.
Mobster: My own little group of cat, or should I say spider burglars knocking off fancy hotels and casinos.
Panel 7: CLOSE SHOT of a picture of a cherub like little girl.
Mobster: Who would arrest this little angel?
Word balloon from Missy who is out of shot: Gasp
Caption: Missy boils as she sees her own little sister in the photo.

Pg. 10 (7 panels)
Panel 1: MEDIUM CLOSE on Mobster who is holding photo in good hand and pointing to it with his bandaged hand.
Mobster: If she gets caught all she has to do is point her cute little finger and say “he went that way.” No cop, not even you, would hurt this little cutie.
Panel 2: Medium close shot from high angle on Doc, who we see next to the Mobster’s shoulder. He is proud of what he is going to say.
Doc: And, you see, we determined that it is easiest abduct the little girls in broad daylight while they are distracted by their lunch.
Word balloon from Mobster: Smart ain’t he? Nobody expects to get grabbed eatin lunch in their own little room.
Panel 3: Straight on to Missy from between the Doc and the Mobster. She is pointing the knife at them.
Missy Muffet: Why the spider with the arm?
Panel 4: We see the back of Doc’s head and Mobster’s shoulder foreground, Missy’s upper body sitting on desk, in front of them. Missy is looking toward the Mobster.
Doc: The human appendage aids the spider in the acquisition of the little girls.
Missy Muffet: So you steal the little girls and give them spider tentacles so they can steal for you?
Panel 5: (SMALL PANEL) Over Missy’s shoulder, we see the mobster shrugging his shoulders.
Mobster: Who better to get away with stealing than sweet little girls?
Panel 6: MEDIUM SHOT from the side Missy has drawn her gun, the Mobster looks resolved while the Doc covers his heads.
Mobster: And who better to get away with murder than sweet little cops?
Panel 7: (LARGE PANEL) LONG MEDUIM SHOT, Missy strikes the Mobster with her gun, as the thugs are braking through the rubble and are about to grab her.

Pg. 11 (7 panels)
Panel 1: MEDUIM SHOT from low angle, The thugs grab Missy by two arms and the Doc lunges forward and shoots her with a needle. This enrages Missy.
Panel 2, 3, 4, 5: Fight scene with various SFX fight noises.
Caption: (under panel 3 or 4) It’s do or die for Missy and her sister. She must overcome.
Panel 6: HIGH ANGLE SHOT, Missy is the only one left standing, from the fight. The Doc is still cowering on his knees as Missy stands over him.
Pg. 12 (6 panels)
Panel 1: (3 Finger Panel) 1: Missy has taken out her gun and shot out the window about the Doc’s head. 2: She then points gun at Doc’s head. 3: Docs look up for mercy and speaks.
Missy Muffet: (in second of panel of panel 1) Where is she?
Doc: (in third panel of panel 1) In the safe house at Main and Fifth.
Panel 2: Missy delivers a blow to the Doc, knocking him cold.
Panel 3: Missy then exits through an air duct in the ceiling by climbing on the desk.
Panel 4: (SMALL PANEL) MEDIUM SHOT; more thugs enter the room.
PANEL 5: (SMAL PANEL) One thug is stepping over the Doc, one is attending to the boss, one is looking out the window.
Thug: Where did she go?
Panel 6: (LARGE PANEL) Long medium shot, we see out the window past the back of the head of the thug. There are cop cars pulling up and cobs running toward the building.
Window Thug: We better get out of her, leave those two, let’s go.
Pg. 13 (7 panels)
Panel 1: We see Missy’s in shadow, crawling through the air shaft.
SFX from Missy’s back: crackle, crunch
Panel 2: CLOSE MEDIUM; we see Missy face, half in shadows, she is in pain.
SFX from Missy’s back: Gurgle, pop
Panel 3: LONG MEDIUM SHOT; Missy is emerging from the airshaft on to a roof.
Panel 4: FROM LOW ANGLE; Missy is climbing down a fire escape ladder to the alley below.
Panel 5: Missy drops the rest of the way to the ground where she is met by other cops. Full on of Missy, she really looks like crazed shit.
Cop: Detective Muffet, is there anyone left inside?
Missy Muffet: I left a few dirt bags in there, send in the cleaners.
Panel 6: LONG MEDIUM SHOT, the back of the cops head is in the foreground as Missy is walking away down the alley to where all the cop cars are at the front of the warehouse.
Missy Muffet: I’ll be taking your squad car officer!
Cop: Um? Ok, do you need backup?
Panel 7: FULL FIGURE SHOT of Missy who has turned around to answer.
Missy Muffet: No back up, just send an ambulance.
Word balloon from Cop: Are you hurt?
2nd Word balloon from Missy Muffet: Not for me, for them!!!

Pg. 14 (8 panels)
Panel 1: Night, Missy is exiting a cop car in front of a run down house on the corner of Main and Fifth.
Caption: A short while later across town.
Panel 2: OVERHEAD SHOT, LONG MEDIUM, Missy is cautiously approaching the door, as we see a thug laying in wait on the side of the house.
Panel 3: Thug jumps Missy
Panel 4, 5: Missy kicks his ass
Panel 6: Missy kicks in the door
Panel 7: MEDIUM SHOT FROM ACROSS THE ROOM FACING THE DOOR we see 3 or 4 girls on the floor eating a bowl of whey with spoons, as Missy is coming in the door, ready to fight. One of the girls has gotten to her knees and is Missy little sister. (She looks just like the Mobster’s photo, same cloths etc.
Missy’s sister: Missy!
Panel 8: Same view as before we she Missy motioning for the girl to be quiet as she looks around the room.

Pg. 15 (6 panels)
Panel 1: SIDEVIEW, The other little girls go on eating they are in a daze. Missy’s little sister is now standing and faces Missy.
Missy’s sister: There was only one guy and he went out the back.
Missy Muffet: He tried to come in the front, but I took care of him.
Panel 2: BIRDSEYE, Missy is now hugging her sister but looking at the other girls.
Missy Muffet: What’s wrong with them?
Missy Sister: The Doc would come by and give them pills, but I spit mine out after he left.
Panel 3: FULL FIGURE OF MISSY AND HER SISTER; Missy has picked her sister up and kisses her on cheek.
Missy Muffet: You are so smart, the best little sister a girl could ever have.
Missy’s sister: I learned everything I know from you.
Panel 4: SIDE VIEW; Missy has set her sister down on her feet and is kneeling in front of her holding her hands. Missy looks worried
Missy Muffet: Did they give you any shots?
Panel 5: CLOSE ON Missy Face she is crying with relief.
Word balloon from Sister out of shot: Not yet, they told me I was next.
Panel 6: LONG SHOT from the back of the room, Missy and her sister are standing side by side with their arm’s around each other’s waists, looking at the girls on the floor. We can see through the door behind them that an ambulance has pulled up.

Pg. 16 (4 panels)
Panel 1: MEDIUM LONG SHOT, DAY, Missy and her sister are exiting a nice sporty car, outside of a beautiful but modest home.
CAPTION: The next morning.
Panel 2: MEDIUM SHOT; we see the parents running out of the front door.
Mother: Thank God, both our girls are safe.
Panel 3: Half way between the car and the house, the Mother is hugging the little sister the dad is hugging Missy, arm around her shoulder as he looks at the little sister.
Dad: You’re the best big sister a girl could ever have.
Missy Muffet: I learned everything I know from you….Sarg.

Caption top of page: That night at home….
ONLY PANEL: FULL FIGURE SHOT OF MISSY FROM BEHIND. She has on kick ass jeans and is naked on top. She is standing in front of a mirror so that we can see her back and her front. She has the blouse she has removed draped loosely over her breasts and is holding it up with one hand the other is dropped limply by her side. Her head is dropped down with her hair is hanging over some of her face. Sprouting from her back we plainly see spider tentacles.


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