July 8, 2008

How Would You Like Your Steak?

I love it when Wayne and I go out to dinner. We have great fun talking about plans for our home and our books and our cabin and then he will say something so smart and funny it makes me laugh so hard I snort. It’s not always sunshine and roses, it’s a little bit of work to keep things this great, but it is totally worth it and I refuse to give into the snark. I have a half theory that one of the reasons women lose their husbands to younger women, is not because of their bodies, hair, and makeup, it’s because those girls haven’t become bitches yet. Seriously, treat him like more than a sperm bank and a paycheck and maybe he’ll surprise ya. But I digress.

Thursday I was feeling bratty and sorry for myself because Wayne had to work on Independence Day and I would be alone. Poor me at home doing what ever I want, (actually I went shopping) while Wayne is working yet another holiday. So, he took me out to dinner to make me feel better. (I told you I was a brat). We drove around and ended up at Hops; just because... why not? Well, we got a really great meal, a professional courteous server and only spent like $60 bucks. My trailer park may be showing, but this chain that we weren’t expecting much from, surprised us with a really good ahi tuna appetizer with a smoky twist, grilled Wayne’s steak Pittsburgh rare, and managed the three special requests on my order. It was not the Ritz, but we have paid a lot more and not had as good of an all around experience.

In case you're like me and don’t know,
Pittsburgh rare means charred around the edges and practically cold and definitely bloody in the middle. Which led to our conversation regarding meat, sort of.. I asked Wayne, while he was scarfing up his steak, if he would eat the pilot of a plane he was on, that crashed in the mountains, to stay alive.

Between chews quite matter of factly, “Yes”.

“Well,” I said in a feeble attempt to get his goat, “which part would you eat first?”

He thought this over for not nearly long enough before replying, “Actually, I would eat the flight attendant first.”

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