July 23, 2008

Which Cubie You Be?

The guy in the cube next to me is about half my age so I figured he'd know; “Dude,” I says because I know when you use slang young people think you are neat. “How much is Wii?”

“Depends on where you get it. “ Dude says, refraining from calling me ma’ am.

This response provokes a Prairie Dog* from the girl in cube 13, across the row from Dude, who asks, “Did you say weed?”

“No,” I responded, trying to say, "shut up dumbass before they hear you and mind your own bee’s wax," by drastically raising one eyebrow.

P.D. from girl in Cube 11, “I thought you said weed too!”

“Wii”, I said!

“Weed?” cube 13 repeated.

“Wii, the game!!!” now I was past caring.

Giggles and grin’s from cube 11. “Ha ha ha, you said weed.”

If you can’t beat em, join em. “How much is WEED these days? Last time I smoked pot, a nickel bag was $5.

Dude rejoins, “A nickel bag’s $20.”

“Does your mother know you been puffin fatties?” More cool slang from the swell old broad in cube 9.

“I only tried it once and it didn’t do anything for me,” Dude protested, “why pay for something that doesn’t do anything for you?”

“Dude?” I asked, “Maybe you bought 20 bucks worth of oregano!”

*Prairie Dog: When an office worker confined to a cubical pops his or her head above the cubical wall in order to ascertain what is happening in other cubicles. Cubicles are most often constructed with half walls, in which case a properly executed Prairie Dog would require only a slight elevation of the body using the chair’s arms to assist in achieving the desired height. To fully stand would draw unwanted attention thereby endangering the Prairie Dog’s lunch or break if they were caught and accused of not having enough to do.

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Anonymous said...

Clicked over from Jennsylvania.

Did you say "weed"? Classic. We used to call the HR Manager - his name was Herb - the Weed-man. I got all liquored up at a company dinner one night (what can I say - it was open bar)and shared that with him. They closed my entire department not long after. Coincidence?

Appreciate your humor!!