July 1, 2008

Movie, Paint, Bleach and Chardonnay

Friday night Wayne and I had a date night and we went to see M. Knight Shamalamadingdong’s new movie, The Happening. It wasn’t. It didn’t suck but nobody’s going to be walking around saying “ I see plant people.” Still it was nice to have a night out, Wayne’s has been working so much lately and he deserves a little break. But it didn't last.

Saturday we worked like dogs. We have been painting the house since time began, but we are almost through. Unless you count the punch list which gets bigger and bigger the closer we get to done.

Sunday Wayne went back to work, but I kept on painting, in the 90 degree Florida sun, but we are almost through. ( Yeah, right) Later that day my co-cubie came over so we could dye each other’s hair. I am an aspiring kitchen beautician; not!!!

We didn't get to my hair and really we should have left her's alone, but it doesn't look that bad, and after all it will grow out. Tip: Don't mix hair bleach, Chardonnay, more Chardonnay, karaoke (in the daylight for God's sake) Chardonnay and then champagne. And here's why...When our husbands divorce us, and who could blame them really, we will looked like too much bleach blonde, streaky mop headed drunks, to get new ones.

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