April 13, 2009

If You Can't See the Play Buy the Book

Bagley Wright Theatre, at the Seattle Rep. presents:

Wishful Drinking

created and performed by
Carrie Fisher

directed by Tony Taccone
April 2 – May 3, 2009

Seeing Carrie Fisher's one woman show has been one of the highlights of our time here in Seattle. Her sense of humor and comic timing had me laughing, snorting, jiggling, elbowing Wayne, dabbing mascara, slapping my knee and wanting more.

You know, for self proclaimed white trash, with ties to hollywood inbreeding, (sort of) Ms. Fisher is a pretty sharp cookie. You've got to be smart to be that funny, and you've got to be funny to go through what she has and come out the other end in one piece. But I'll let her tell you about that, so if you can't get to the show, check out the book Wishful Drinking, it's good stuff.

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