May 8, 2010


Thursday we went to the midnight showing of Iron Man II. We wanted to be the first people over 40 to see it. (Well, 45 but who’s counting)

It was fun, except for the hoards of nerds who bought tickets and got in line in front of us just so that when all there nerd buddies got done mopping the floors at Burger King they could join their friends, who were already in line in front of us.

But you know, you have to stay connected with young people or you’ll turn into a curmudgeon. I know a guy who has been a curmudgeon wanna be since he was about 25 and now that he’s knocking on 50 he’s really getting good at it, but we want to go another route.

Not to be confused with the perpetually immature that think staying young means staying stupid. I mean do you really think that tramp stamp is covering your stretch marks? The best part of getting older is the stuff you get to know. Not that I have figured out the meaning of life, but sometimes I wonder how I survived my twenties.

Nevertheless, it is important to keep connected with young people and nerds are a good choice. They are smart, well read, even if it is mostly comics, make great employees and are easily intimidated. What’s not to love?

So, off we went, me a pseudo nerd and my card carrying nerd hubby to the midnight showing. I wanted my cousin to go with us, but she said that they could not stay up that late anymore. Well, I have to admit, we did have to do a little disco nap before we went, but I usually get up between midnight and two a.m. to pee anyway, so why not go to a movie.

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