September 16, 2010

California Here We Come

Three weeks to go for our return to LA. I am starting to feel like I belong there… well, sort of. There are a few things I really need to do before I make my awaited by no one return to the City of the Angels.

Hollywood Wendy To Do List: 

Color hair, whiten teeth, fake tan, get push up bra and suck in Spankx, shave and/or wax everything including upper lip. (forget Brazilian, I need the whole South American), go to Drag Queen store in search of  heels that fit, get fish pedicure and French manicure, pay way too much for jeans that are marked two sizes smaller than they really are, (but they make me feel pretty) and call everyone I know and chat lightly about how we’re jetting out to LA, yes again, but it’s no big deal really, you know we just have some business to take care of, no I can’t say what.

I hope the Screenwriting Expo is ready for me, cause I’m gonna be ready for them.

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