November 14, 2011

Lil Wayne vs. Johnny Cash

I’m sitting at a red light and I can’t hear myself think because two other vehicles are having a battle of the bands, or iPods or CD’s or 8tracks; who knows.

It’s Florida and my air conditioning has been broken ever since the check engine light magically went out after a mere seven years of begging for attention. I figured the engine checked itself, but I guess the a.c. missed the memo, so the windows on my 2001 Escort are open. (The back passenger window does not open all the way, well it does but then you can’t get it back up, but whatever.)

So I can’t hear myself think and I start looking for the source of the auditory invasion, which is so loud it must be coming from open windows as well.

All I can see are arms. I wish I could see faces so I could deliver a most disapproving stink eye, but find myself guessing who is playing what song with no other information to go on than forearms.

Both arms are male. Either that or there are two female body builders in different rides at the same red light, and unlike their male counterparts, they neglected to shave their brachioradialis.

Both arms are adorned with jewelry, that judging by the status of the vehicles, the rest of the body can’t afford.

Both hands clench a smoke as if the fingers resent the addiction of the mouth. Are they menthol? Are they not? I cannot tell.

One arm is older than the other; could that be the determining factor? The arms are different colors, is that all it takes to know who plays what music? I think not.

Can the story of lives be surmised from arms? Perhaps not accurately, but it was a long light and I gave them both quite a rich history, tarnished for one, broken dreams for the other.

One arm’s father smoked, the other arm hid it from his mother. One arm currently works, but is on the outs with the boss, the other arm is looking, but no luck yet.

Tired of both their music, besides who played which song doesn’t matter, as the light chances I cranked up Journey and give them both an earful of me and Steve Perry with the full effect that three and half car speakers can deliver.

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