August 28, 2008

The Apex of Sucks for You

Here we go again, carefree and cubicle-less. And I am only carefree because I just paid all the bills; next month is going to suck; won’t be feeling so free and happy then will I? But right now I am loving it.

I am no good at corporate cubicle bullshit. It’s like being in high school, and I hated high school. Only now instead of cliques of snotty brats with boyfriend jackets and mall hair, it’s teams of cheap skirt suits with bad bobs and head bands. God help you if you’re in with the wrong crowd, or in my case trying to stand outside the fracas and stay unnoticed.

The final straw was being quite loudly, enough for every
prairie dog to hear, called into one of the 14 manager’s office to explain why I had not returned a customer's call. However, all our calls are recorded and with less than one minutes effort, the desperate to prove her worth among all the bosses cow, who had herded me into her office, by which I mean a cube that has all four walls, found the call and clearly heard me returning the customers call and satisfying their needs. Something I am sure that particular, now ex-boss, is all too unfamiliar with doing. I was dismissed without apology or explanation, to everyone who had witnessed my scolding, that I had not been derelict in my duties.

And while you may be thinking; “that is the apex of sucks for you,” you may be right and that's a good thing, because it all gets better from here. Yes, I now have to find another job, but that’s just it. It’s just a job. I’m still gainfully unemployed in my chosen field of writing and therefore have lost nothing and I solider on unscathed.

Besides how many of you would love, just once, to tell a crazy bitch to shove it and walk out with as much of your cubicle décor that you can carry stuffed in your purse? So what if you can pay your electric bill next month, it’s overrated!

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AuntieKate said...

Shove it and walk out
Oh, sorry, do you have more than one life coming to you?
DO WHAT YOU WANT TO DO. In my baby brother's case, that's driving a honking big tractor trailer around the interstates forever and a day. In a friend's case, that's making $$ off of writing a genre of fiction she has zero respect for. In MY case, it's giving away free, and feeling ill-used for doing so, knowledge and talent that others charge big bucks for.
DO WHAT YOU WANT TO DO. Why else the f*** are you here?