September 27, 2008

2 x Bears

I love me, I have so much fun, am just so stinkin cute, and in the world according to Wendy a heck of a catch. You are so lucky Wayne my love.

This week I have: been writing a movie with Wayne (really, I am the lucky one) tweaking my TV pilot, grocery shopping, house cleaning, gardening (including fertilizing the lemon tree) mowed the lawn, weed whacked, edged, dyed my own hair, (back to red the way MS Clairol intended it to be), attended class, looked for a job (anywhere but in a cubical), shopped for fabric so we can make a headboard and matching drapes for our bedroom, talked to my mom every day, walked most days, researched ways to lower my cholesterol, cleaned up a plate that I broke, bought a shower gift for my girlfriend, a birthday present for my father in-law, repotted a plant, read a book and made these… But today I forgot to shower.

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