January 21, 2009


We are in Seattle.

Barring unforeseen events we will be in Seattle for three months. Wayne’s job is putting us up in an extended stay type hotel and he is working many hours a day.

I am trying to adjust. The hotel is in a valley and we have had fog every day. It starts getting dark at 4:30 and it is damp. Not like the humidity of Florida. This is a cold dampness. I am not saying I don’t like it here; I am just still trying to adjust. So far the people are pretty cool, and the city is WOW. We have not seen much of it yet, but so far so good. In some ways Seattle seems more like home (Columbus Ohio) than Orlando where our house is. No matter where we live, or stay, I feel at home when I am with Wayne.

I am not too worried about our home in Florida. It is attended to, but it has been in the thirties there the last couple of nights so I am a little concerned about the lemon tree.

The hotel is nice. Since we are staying so long they upgraded us to an executive suite. It has a living room, bedroom and kitchen. It is almost eight hundred square feet. Wayne and I lived for 14 months in a one bedroom apartment with only 900 square feet.

There is free coffee in the lobby 24/7 (Starbucks of course!) and a continental breakfast every morning. If you get lucky you can get hot cookies from the front desk when they put them out in the evenings. Not bad; and then there is the art work. Lovely art work bolted to almost every wall. Including this piece in the lobby or living room as they like to call it:

It’s lovely isn’t it?

At first I wasn’t sure what it was. Seriously I did a double take. But then I remembered we were not in the kind of hotel that charges by the hour, so I took a moment, got out my glasses and realized it was wood. A knot hole in wood.

Don’t judge me, I am not the only one who took a second look. In fact someone, who shall remain nameless, said it reminded him of his ex-wife.

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