February 22, 2009

They Know Too Much

Five and a half weeks in this hotel…and housekeeping knows way too much.

Because I don’t always manage to clean up before they get here they have seen the contents of my “make up” bag strewn across the counter in the bathroom.

And they know that I am losing hair like crazy; not Rogaine losing hair, but not, oh la di da I am 22 and my hair is so thick I can’t close the banana clip. If you’re old enough to know what a banana clip is your hair is probably falling out a little too.

Makes a damn mess doesn’t it? Especially if you’re trying to grow out your layers and it is getting a little long… thin but long and it clogs the hell out of the sink as it escapes your crown, floating down into the drain trap where it teams with toothpaste to form an impenetrable clog.

BTW; what feels more like a spider crawling down your vulnerable nakedness in a spot you can’t reach than a spider? Dyed to a crisp, thin, fragile hair, escaping your head one at a time and slinky-ing their way down your back!

So housekeeping knows I’m losing my hair. They know that one hair can be up to 3 different colors depending on its length and how many processes it has been through when it made its departure from my scalp. They know what I read, eat, do to towels and sheets that I don’t have to wash myself and they know that there is more than makeup in my “makeup” bag…

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