February 6, 2009

The Traveling Lemon Chronicles

The morning we were flying out of Florida, I did one last perimeter check on the house to make sure all was well before the house sitter got there. On our lemon tree I found one lone lemon hiding in the leaves. I picked it and put it in my purse. It made it here to Seattle and has been showing up at famous places...

January 13th through January 26th

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Anonymous said...

I love the lemon!! It's such a lucky lemon get to go on these travels with you. John told me to ask you, hypothetically of course, for argument's sake let say you were suicidal, would you want to kill yourself more in Florida or in Seattle? He's doing an informal test of that whole suicidal in Seattle theory :) HEHE!! Gotta love him!! Miss you, love you!! Come back to us some day, FLorida is lonely without you.