January 5, 2010

Bite Me Lara Croft

OMG Santa rained on me this year, T.Y. Big man. I was pretty sure Santa and Wayne were the same person and when I saw the size of his package I knew, because something that big must be magic. So needless to say I think I got the best Santa out there, and here’s why. Some Santas went to Jared this Christmas: boring, but my Santa went to Game Stop: Wii wonderful.

Really, with all the stuff I got it probably would have been cheaper if he had gone to Jared but I’m glad he didn’t. Me and Santa are having a blast playing together. I have already nearly mastered golf, yesterday I got a score of 9 on just one hole. Wayne says I’m practically a savant. Santa Wayne also got me Wii Madden Football. Well, I did not even know I wanted Wii Madden, but I am sure I will master the forward pass and D-fence real soon.

Yesterday he rented Tomb Raider with a girl called Lara Croft. The game can only be played by one person at a time but I’m sure I learned a lot watching Santa play. (It feels a little funny being kind of jealous of a video game drawling, but he is spending so much time with her…)

Anywho, trampy little vixens in short shorts aside, I am having big fun with the Wii little games. And while I haven’t got the hang of the kick off return or the blitz yet, you better get out of the way when I am bowling. High score of 278, that all I am saying.

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