January 26, 2010

Go Mommy!

Uh yeah, um… is there a word for a 78 year old cougar?

It seems that my mother has decided she wants to get back in the game and is looking for some young blood. Like 70 year old young blood. Hey it’s in the eye of the beholder right?

Anywho, she’s been taking the senior cab service to Weight Watchers where she dropped thirty something pounds, got herself a velour running suit, (sans the HOTTIE decal on the ass), a new hair cut and is constantly polishing her nails. Go Mommy, get me a new Daddy!!

But seriously what do you call a 78 year old cougar?

And you know, she just might do it. The Pharmacist at Publix was chatting her up last year when she visited, and the pizza delivery senior citizen (we’re in Florida, it happens a lot) practically gave her a tip, and she wasn’t even trying yet. But she is pretty cute even if I do say so myself. You know, there could be bennies to having either a pharmacist or pizza man for a daddy. They both got stuff that makes you feel better, even when nothings really wrong, they both are in high demand so they've got job security and both of them can still drive.

I hope my Mom can get her groove back while wintering in Florida, but I sure hope she doesn’t break a hip while she’s at it.

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