January 25, 2010

Yes We Have No Bananas

A while ago I did a post regarding good words gone wild. Well, thanks to the pervert that sits next to me, it has come to my innocent attention that there are some foods that have gone wild as well.

Case in point; one day in my cubicle I became peck-ish. So I tuned in a Barry White song on my small desk top radio and began to methodically, almost in a slow motion fashion, peel a banana. I ate slowly so as to fully enjoy its texture and flavor, I think I may have even licked it before making a comment to my sophomoric desk mate, regarding my nutritious potassium rich snack, that it had a remarkable “girth”.

Is that wrong? It was a big fat long banana if I ever saw one.

Anywho, the young man, nay boy, made salacious and lewd comments about other things he would like to see me eat. Can you imagine if someone from HR had heard that… we may not be allowed to eat at our desks any more.

Never the less, I have learned my lesson about the phallusy of fruits being good for you and intend to stick putting more protein rich savories in my mouth, like beef cake, hot tamales, tongue, meat balls, assorted nuts, and maybe a side of hot cross bun.

After all I don't think my desk mate meant what I thought he did when he mentioned the size of my melons!!!

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