August 21, 2011

Honey Bitch

I just finished trimming the trees in our yard. I was very respectful of the tree's right to grow, apologizing as I removed only the limbs that threaten to jab out one or both of my eyes when I mow the lawn, and avoiding any limbs with birds’ nests, even the birds that eat all the berries off our guava bush and then mercilessly crap them all over our mail box and windshields.

For my efforts I was stung by a bee.

I am aware of the current plight of the pollinating insect and how we as a world of eaters need them to insure our crops regenerate and our biscuits are good. And I fully sanction their right to live in our yard, but if I catch the bitch that stung me in the face there is going to be some shit!

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