October 6, 2011

Call Centers Are Giving Me Cancer of the Ear Hole

The end of a two day marathon at the day job left me with NO energy for my day off. I hate hate hate working for the weekend. Especially if my weekend is Wednesday and Sunday, and Wednesdays are spent at the Doctor, or Bank or anyplace where my time is controlled by other people.

And no place controls your time like a call center.

If I can say one thing to the kids out there; go to school for what you want to be, even if you think you could never be it. Don’t wait till you're 40 to pursue your dreams, but if you do, do it anyway.

Okay two things: stay the hell away from credit cards.

If you follow the above advice you might be able to avoid ever working in a call center. Or God help you a string of call centers, at which your day is spent on a three foot tether answering the same question over and over and selling intangible stuff to people who don’t need it.

Okay three things: take the stairs. When you’re crammed in the back of an elevator that advertises a nine person capacity and you have to carry a one when adding everybody up, (and that’s counting everybody as one when you know there are some twos in there) and you start thinking about getting stuck in there on a Tuesday night with a sore ear hole, and wondering if you’ll ever see daylight again, ask yourself, “Is this how I want to spend my time on earth?”

Time is precious, why do you think call centers keep us on such a short lease, Because customers who are spending their Wednesday on hold waiting for me to pick up don’t care if I didn’t have time to eat and pee on my break, they just want their bill adjusted so they can get back to their day off.

It’s a good job, I’m not digging ditches, I just wish I could spend as much time working on things I love, as I do working for a living.

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