September 19, 2008

No News is Good News?

The cruel reality of my L.A. rejection letters is that they are not really rejection letters at all. Week before last, I opened the mail box to find one of my query letters to an L.A. agent returned to me unopened. That’s ok, I thought, I don’t know that they didn’t like my idea; they didn’t even look at it.

Last week a large legal size envelope. Holy crap, I told Wayne, it can’t be a rejection letter, the envelope is so big. You following the pattern here? Now how the hell am I supposed to know if anybody likes my work if they won’t even read the query letter. Which by the way, I spent as much time writing the one page query letter as I did the first episode of the show I am trying to sell.

Last night on my way to class, I checked my mail. *z%#* I missed the delivery of a certified letter. You got it; it was from a HUGE talent agency. I had to make it through 15 hours till the post office opened this morning so I could pick it up. That’s 15 hours of trying to figure out if they would send a rejection letter certified mail. The notice from the postman indicated that it was a big envelope, so I tried not to think that it may be anything else.

It’s so hard to sleep when you are practicing your Emmy speech and trying to figure out who to thank and who to snub.

I didn’t work up the nerve to go the post office till an hour after they opened this morning. Why oh why did they return my unopened query letter in a big envelope, certified mail?

The cruel reality is I don’t know if I have been rejected or not. I don’t know if my work is what they are looking for, because no one will look at it. I guess no news is good news, but I am really going to flip a biscuit if I see FedEx coming up my driveway with an unopened letter.


Anonymous said...

Holy crap, you got a certified rejection letter!?!?! Is that some sort of legal liability thing? Why the he!! would the do that?

Wendy Gail Ellen said...

hey chelsea, how you doin?