November 24, 2008

Bingo Night in Hell

Yesterday we went to church. For me it was part of my sporadic plans to avoid going to hell; but I’m pretty sure I made my situation worse. We ducked out early because the service went on too long to suit me. Then went to breakfast where I ate food that is so not on my diet and proceeded to make fun of the pastor for a half an hour. It was some pretty funny stuff; I even wrote some of it down.

Wow, I am a bitch.

That’s when it hit me. While mocking this church on paper I realized that the only thing wrong with them is that they didn’t get services over fast enough to suit me. There was some other stuff, but I am not going to dis people who welcomed two strangers without question. We didn’t feel that this church was for us, so we won’t go back, no big deal. And I really wish I would have toughed it out till the service was over, geez would it have killed me. NO!

Yes, I know going to church won’t guarantee you a pass on eternal bingo night at St. Lucifer’s, but picking a church just because they get you out in time to beat the rush at Denny’s isn’t going to help either.

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