November 24, 2008

James Bland

Quantum of Solace Possible alternative titles:

Quantum of Sucks…. no that’s childish, move on.

Quality of Solace Not Good…. maybe, no, keep going.

Quantum of Sultry….would be nice if it were true, it wasn’t even a little bit sexy.

Quantum of Suspense…let’s see; car chase, check, boat chase, check, plane chase, check, exotic girls, check, total lack of a feasible story, check. No, pretty much no suspense here, just formula.

Quantum of Time I Would Like To Have Back… yep that’s it, that should be the title.

But you can’t get your time back, so wait for the DVD on this one so you can at least watch it in your underwear while you're painting your toes or drinking wine or talking on the phone or watching another movie at the same time….you get the idea.

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