August 1, 2009

No Sleep For You

Remember when you were a kid and you couldn’t wait for Friday night so you could stay up late and watch The Partridge Family and Love American Style?

OOOH David Cassidy…(Lead singer, Rolling Stone.)

OOOOH Shaun Cassidy (Hardy Boy, Nancy Drew marauder.)

A few years later you were working for the weekend, just so you could stay out late at the Disco, Danceteria, or clubbing. Well, those days are gone for me; at least for now.

I have a new job. This is a good thing. I have to work until 2am. That’s a bad thing. I get 15% shift differential for working past midnight. That’s a really good thing.

I have been there three weeks and my manager keeps telling all us newbies, “Don’t worry, it gets easier, just stay on your regular schedule over the weekend and then Monday night won’t be so hard on you.”

Does that sound familiar to you? Remember when you were a kid and your mom was always telling to you go to bed or you would be tired the next day. Even on Friday and Saturday nights she wouldn’t let you stay up too late.

Well, I ain’t a kid no more and it’s Saturday night and I am going to bed at 10 o’clock if I want to. I might even go to bed at 9, what are you gonna do about it?

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