August 11, 2009

Regarding the Weather

It is August. I am in Florida. I have a job that requires clothing.

Yesterday was dress up day at work. (Seriously!) They wanted everyone to wear formal business attire and exude a “dress for success” attitude.

Ok. I’m a TEAM player; I will participate in dress up day. Unfortunately the only the thing that fits right now is my black polyester going to a funeral suit that must be worn with my too tight church shoes that I normally only wear on Christmas and Easter.

It is August. I am in Florida. Can you say bad hair day?

I made an effort, I really did. I wanted to dress up and look pretty, but by the time I got to work, the AC had just begun to get the truck cooled off. The “feels like a hundred with the humidity heat index” had done quite a number on me and by the time I got into the building I looked like Little Orphan Annie after a couple of bad divorces.

It is August. I am in Florida.

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