November 10, 2010

Pray For My Truck

The truck broke down this morning. That all kinds of sucks! But it’s not the end of the world, we’ve got triple A, and my trusty Escort. As luck would have it, I am not working at the moment and bread winning hubby just hopped in my car and went off to work, no problem. Well, a few problems… nothing serious.

Of course the air conditioner is broken on the Escort, has been for a while, but we’re having a little cool snap in sunny Florida, so no worries. One tire is brand new, so it makes a disturbing clunk clunk clunk at speeds over 25 miles an hour, but once you get up there you can’t really hear it that much because the windows are open. And the windshield wipers are a bit tattered, but if you are not driving between three and five p.m. in the summer that is usually not a problem. Save for bug guts, but the cool snap is helping with that; see how everything works out.

My Escort is a fine vehicle. I drove it for seven and a half years with the check engine light on until one day the car magically healed itself and the light went out.

Plus it purrs like a kitten. An asthmatic kitten that has been run over by a garbage truck but irregardless, it soldiers on. Yes sometimes it dies out at stop lights and you have to give it a jolt from a vehicular defibrillator…


Flash back to a busy street where we see a woman with her head under the hood of her car.

Cut to a tight angle on the woman as she frantically adjusts the jumper cables before pounding the battery and raising her weary fist to the sky as she cries out.
       Don’t you die on me damn you,
       don’t you leave me.

As the car suddenly sputters back to life we end flash back and jump cut back to present.

... but it soldiers on. As will I, for I have no intention of buying a new car for the now. I know that if I keep up my maintenance regime on the Escort it will run for another eight years. And while you may not believe, I know my thrice monthly toppings off of the slightly leaking radiator with a mixture of coolant and holy water will keep her on the road indefinitely.

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