June 3, 2011

Green Screen Living Room

Instead of painting the town red this weekend we’re going to paint the living room green. It’s a cheap way to freshen things up and make the room look new. Plus, it can double as a green screen when we get around to filming some of our short scripts. (Oooh… I wonder if we could write it off?)

I also like to move furniture and nic-nacs around when I get bored with the house. I really love our house other than the fact that it’s in Florida. If only we could hitch it up to the pick-up and take it to L.A. (Our beloved little 3-2-2 on lot big enough to shield us from the sounds of the neighbor’s toilet flushing would be a million dollar baby in California.)

So I move things around, splash a little paint up now and again and utilize wall hangings and area rugs. In fact I just splurged and bought a new bathroom rug. It is the most gorgeous shade of yellow. Sometimes when I am sitting there looking at it, the color reminds me of an early morning vitamin pee.

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