June 28, 2011

I Know You're Busy...

I know you're busy, I’m busy; in fact yesterday I started working again. That's why last week I was trying to get everything done all at once before I started my new position. Take my word for this, multi-tasking is great, getting appointments checked off the TO-DO list is wonderful, but you really should avoid getting a root canal and pap smear in the same day.

It can be done, I just did it. Not only that; in the same week I also had a mammogram, an MRI, went back the next day for an MRA, went to the eye man for a new pair of "I'm over forty but these glasses still make me look like a hot librarian right?” bi-focals, and painted the hallway pink.

Yes I checked everything off the list but if I had it all to do again I would so not do the mouth man and the kooch Doctor in the same day. It's just asking too much of yourself and your self esteem to have that many people in that many orifices in a day that involved absolutely no chardonnay.

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