June 12, 2011

Top 10 Muffin Top Reasons Why You May Want to Drop a Few!

#10 Your belly muffin tops your jeans.

#9 Your ass muffin tops your jeans.

#8 Your ankles muffin top your socks.

#7 You knees muffin top your knee highs.

#6 Your thighs muffin top your fishnet seam up the back thigh high nylons. (And really you should not be wearing them, but I think you know that!)

#5 Your neck muffin tops your turtle neck.

#4 Your wrists muffin top your cuffs.

#3 Your boobs muffin top your bra, but not in a good way.

#2 Your back muffin tops your bra. (SO NOT GOOD)

And the #1 reason: Paul, drum roll please.


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