June 12, 2011

Hi, What's Up With You Lately?

So Mary thanks for asking, here's my current deal. Sucks OK!

I got a new job starting the end of the month. No I don't want it, but yes I feel so lucky to get it, so I decided to do some much overdo maintenance doctor’s appointments while I still have days open. So, today I had a follow up mammo to see if the nodule on my right one is a nodule like my sister had or cancer, like killed two cousins. They’ll call me.

Then I had an MRA to see if I have an aneurysm like the one my other sister has, or the one that killed one cousin, or the one that made another cousin unable to drive for 2 years, or the one that made yet another cousin just really nice and a big believer in Jesus, or if I even have a brain at all.

Monday I go to the eye doctor because since I turned 43 which was 3 years ago, I can’t see shit. One sister says it's my upcoming menopause, fuck her. My husband says it's just age, and my best-y from high school, says it's about time bitch, I’ve been wearing glasses since I was nine so what are you crying about.

Monday afternoon I have an MRI, the second half of the testing to make sure my brain is not going to leak all over the new carpet.

Tuesday a root canal! Fuck me running!

Thursday; a pap smear. Are you fucking kidding me? No I wish I was.

Next week; back to dentist for 4, yeah 4 fillings, and a crown over the root canal. Yep, going to cost 3 $LARGE, good thing I’ve got a job I don't want.

Then depending on boob and brain results, which believe fucking me I am hoping are nothing, I am going to dye my roots because I look like shit.

But seriously I ain't mad. Smooches, hope to see you Saturday night, but karaoke at the local choke and puke sounds pretty good right now.

You’re pretty, Wendy.

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