June 7, 2008

A Letter to Our Family and Friends

Let me start by saying how much we love you. We really do! And we love even more that you think of us and try to buy presents that we will like. And so now with Wayne’s birthday on the horizon, we know that you, our loving family and friends will think of him and his love for wine and may want to send gifts. It is with total appreciation for your consideration of our love of wine that we ask you to send wine if you wish to send a gift and not wine stuff.

Your love and generosity over the years has been truly heart-warming and each and every gift was and is loved. However, while our hearts and cupboards are full, alas the wine cooler is not. To date, amongst the grape shaped refrigerator magnets, the ceramic trivet with wine and cheese painted on, the plethora of wine themed gift boxes dutifully displayed on our plant shelves, the 3 wine racks, the oak glasses rack, the grapevine coffee mugs with matching herb planters, are:

Four of these

and four of these

but none of these..

We have 5 of these

3 of these

and several of these

Thanks to our loving family and friends we also have:

one of these

one of these

18 of these

four of these

three of these

and one is enough of these

Yet, we are currently sans these

and it never hurts to have a few of these

or these.
Again we love you and more than your gifts, we love that you thought of us.


PS I did break one of the Riedel Sommeliers; I’m just sayin….

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