June 9, 2008

What A Weekend

Friday Wayne called from work and asked if I wanted to go for dinner with friends. Somehow I managed to drag myself through a Friday in the cubicle because I knew that I had a date with my favorite husband. Since we live an hour away from everything that makes sense, it was a rare treat to go out with these friends; a great start to the weekend.

Saturday night Wayne grilled steak. It’s like a religious experience when he grills steak, beginning with the selection ritual at the meat counter. Less care has been taken by those selecting virgins for a volcanic sacrifice. Then there is the fire making ceremony. The briquettes are chosen and carefully assembled in the temple… I mean the chimney; where they will be ignited without the benefit of starter fluid less the integrity of the meat be compromised by the fumes. It takes nearly an hour for the grill to be properly prepared for the meat; Wayne then lays the carefully marinated sacrifice on the grill for about a second, rotates it, flips it, rotates it again, and then takes it off; less time than it took to open the package.

Now the meat must rest ten minutes. It wasn’t on the fire long enough to get tired but I am not going to argue with a man who is serving me a cabernet from our recent trip to Napa and a crab stuffed mushroom appetizer. We then watched the old Indiana Jones movies to be ready for the new one, (Shut up we are not geeks!) and retired, well past 10pm, for some very un-geek like activity.

Sunday well after 7 am we awake; oh the decadence. Wayne has been on a months long quest to perfect his late grandmother’s biscuit recipe. This beautiful morning he is reaching what must be perfection. I can only hope that the fateful morning he reaches his biscuit apex will not be the last. Bake on my love, I will do the dishes.

After breakfast we went to a favored nursery,Lukas and bought a guava bush. We are going to plant it next to the lemon tree to enhance the backyard landscape. We wanted an olive tree but were unable to find one that would fruit in our part of Florida. However, it was WAY too hot to plant the bush, so we planned on having lunch and planting later Sunday evening. Well, that didn’t work out, because we were too busy having fun.

We found a bar and grill on the water not far from our house, Gator's. We had bar food and cold beer, listened to Crazy Joe play Buffet songs amongst others, and hoped for a gator sighting. We didn’t get to see a gator but we saw plenty of tattoos, Harleys, and sunshine. The bartender was great and we were glad to find a fun place near by. A short trip home was followed by an afternoon nap, then more movies and more un-geek like activity. You go Wayne.

We kind of over indulged this weekend, so when the first thing Wayne said to me this morning was, “Are we still going to the Y?”, I looked at him like he had flipped a biscuit, but I didn’t have the nerve not to go. I am not sure if he motivates me or shames me but either way I did some time on an elliptical today so there you have it.

Next weekend maybe we will fininsh painting the house.....or maybe we'll go see the new Indiana Jones movie.

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