June 17, 2008

Wish Me More Luck; if you want to.

I got an email from the script contest; it will be late August before the first round is decided. Damn, I want to make the cut so flippin bad. I completely fell in love with my script and the characters that I submitted. I have started working on the second episode because even if I don’t make the cut, I believe it has some legs and I will try to get it looked at somewhere else.

And an interesting side effect has come from my experiment in script writing, but let me back up a little. Wayne and I have been intending on going to the Y for about forever. We joined, put the membership on vacation, rejoined, thought about going, bought workout clothes, new shoes, and couldn’t manage to get there. Well we finally went, and then we went back and then we went back. OMG we are practically ready for the Olympics. But anywho, I have discovered that while fighting the boredom and tedium of the treadmill, my mind wanders, and with a little direction it will wander into my sitcom and come up with plot lines and dialog. So I am multi-tasking my ass off…literally.

This is a good thing because you can’t accept an award on tv for the best new sitcom writer in the world with an ass big enough for them to screen the show on.

So I am going to keep this up. Treadmill equals dialog and plot lines, and maybe with any luck some jokes too. I wonder if this method will squash my fear of running out of stuff to write about. It seems no matter what project I start I get all caught up in the fear of not finishing it. But with this method as long as I have ass to burn I’ve got a source of ideas. At 30 minutes 3 times a week, it should take me 2 years to run out of ass, but if you factor back in Saturday night wine and cheese with the occasional Sunday waffle, I could have a very long career.

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