April 21, 2008


Today is Rachel Lucas’ 36th birthday and she is celebrating by being a capitalist pig. Happy Birthday Rachel, you’re my kind of gal. Check Rachel out, she has the nerve to say what you’re thinking. Sunday I will be celebrating my 29th birthday again, and since I admire Rachel, I want to be a capitalist pig too.

To that end, I have started my own little gallery at Zazzle.com where you can buy stuff that I have thought up. In honor of my birthday, I have for sale a tee shirt commemorating the 14th anniversary of my 29th birthday. You can customize to indicate how many years you have been celebrating your 29th birthday.

I am not really the kind of person that worries about people knowing my age, there are too many other things I am trying to hide from them. I just like to watch people try to do the math when they have to add 14 to 29. (Please refrain from saying, “OH! You are holding up pretty well.)

Since Wayne has planned something for my birthday, (he won’t say what, just to pack for 3 days), I have been trying to get off 5 lbs. Not that 5 pounds will be noticeable, but like wearing silk undies, nobody else will know it but I will. So this past Saturday night I skipped my self administered weekly allotment of wine; and I didn’t drink Wayne’s either. For 3 days in a row I have done 30 minutes of cardio exercise, usually I just think about it for 30 minutes, and I have refrained from sweets, save for the greater portion of a largish water melon. Don’t judge me; it’s all water and fiber.

Just remember, you don’t need desserts and wine to make you forget your birthday. Celebrate your age, your wrinkles, and your grey hair. You’re holding up pretty well.

On a side note: is Xanax fattening?


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