April 24, 2008

Thursday's Non-new Review...Here's a good one for your queue.

Listen, I know I swore off DWTS, but I just had to see how far Marlee could go. She got the boot, or should I say strappy dance shoe, in the ass this week but she did a great job on the show and an even better one in this week's pic for when you can't find anything in the new releases.

Children of a Lesser God (1986)

If you have been watching Dancing With the Stars you know that Marlee Matlin can dance. If you rent Children of a Lesser God this weekend you will see that she can also dirty dance.

In her Oscar winning role as a deaf cleaning lady for her former school, Marlee plays Sarah, a bitter, frightened deaf woman with a tragic past, who also happens to be smoking hot, can dance like a bad girl and likes to take nakedy dips in the school’s pool.

William Hurt is James; a speech teacher for the deaf, so loved by his students they adoringly refer to him as asshole, dick brain and fuck face. Way to teach em those verbal skills Jimmie.

After bumping uglies in the natatorium, James and Sarah fall in love but there is no guarantee of a happy ending as Sarah has some nasty wasties in her closet and James just doesn’t know how to break down the silent barriers that block their bliss.

Take a bathroom break when William Hurt tries to interpret Bach with his arms so Marlee can see the music. The scene does not go on for long, but you could still lose your popcorn. Come right back though because this really is a good movie about the give and take aspect of relationships that holds true deaf or no, and a woman struggling to find herself and her place in a world she can’t hear.

Interesting questions regarding who should learn whose language offset the awkward looking signing done by some of the actors. Piper Laurie as Sarah’s mother is particularly lame. William Hurts’ signing is more tolerable, but you really have to do some forgiving for bad writing, when in one scene he expects his students to read his lips while he is standing on his hands with his tie flapping across his face.

Good back story on Sarah revealed throughout the film and the non typical love story with some steamy romps, will keep you watching. Overall a good movie, a good story, and a great performance by Marlee.


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